bildhafte Redewendungen, Teil 1

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.

Beispiele für bildhafte Redewendungen

What my boss said was all Greek to me.

Such hypocrisy goes against the grain with me.

To persuade the crowd all you need is the gift of the gab.

Before he was fired, he feathered his nest.

She did her speech after a fashion, but had no real intention of convincing the members of parliament.

His love letter did not cut ice with her.

Have you any idea what is on the telly tonight? - No, I'm blest if I know!

Sue didn't invite John to her birthday party because he is always a wet blanket.

He understands very quickly, as he really is on the ball.

If you think I help you out with money, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Did you like the party? - You bet! It was wonderful.

You can have this car for 1000 euros. - Allright, it's a bargain!

After all, he is my best friend. That is why I have to help him.

The salesman took advantage of the customer's ignorance.

She has given herself airs since she has married a rich man.

I did not like the new colleague, and I gave him a wide berth in our canteen.

The boss is not in a good mood today; she must have gone out of bed on the wrong side.

to give somebody a wide berth
to get out of bed on the wrong side
you bet
to take advantage of somebody
to give oneself airs
after all
to bark on the wrong tree
not to bet an eyelid
it's a bargain
to be on the ball
to be a wet blanket
I'm blest if I know
to come clean
to curry favour with somebody
to cut no ice with somebody
after a fashion
to feather one's nest
to have the gift of the gab
to go against the grain with somebody
that's a Greek to me