Material - das Material

Gap-fill exercise

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Excuse me, replied my host, but do you smoke?
Raised through ten thousand different plastic tubes, The balmy treasures of the former day.
The work done once by the merchants, traders, storekeepers, with their various grades of jobbers, wholesalers, retailers, agents, commercial travelers, and middlemen of all sorts, with an excessive waste of energy in needless transportation.
The party, like other musical parties, comprehended a great many people who had real taste for the performance, and a great many more who had none at all.
He could refer to an amour he had in Palermo, his lion-hunting before breakfast among the Caffres, and the quality of the coffee to be drunk in Muscat.
In my lifetime, I filled a magnificent throne; having, on my right hand, twelve thousand seats of gold, where the patriarchs and the prophets heard my doctrines; on my left, the sages and doctors, upon as many thrones of silver, were present at all my decisions.
The sound of her iron shoes upon the hard road was quite musical.
I tell you it's dirt, dirt, and nothing but dirt.
Kooloo was a blade. Standing up in the congregation in all the bravery of a striped calico shirt, with the skirts rakishly adjusted over a pair of white sailor trowsers, and hair well anointed with cocoa-nut oil, he ogled the ladies with an air of supreme satisfaction. Nor were his glances unreturned.
I trust the valour of the knight will be truer metal than the religion of the hermit, or the honesty of the yeoman; for this Locksley looks like a born deer-stealer, and the priest like a lusty hypocrite.
Therefore, he sat before his dying fire, sorrowful to think upon the way by which he had come to that night.
Material - das Material

- das Material / - echt / - die Qualität / - das Wasser / - das Metall / - das Gold / - das Silber / - das Eisen / - das Holz / - das Papier / - das Glas / - das Plastik / - die Energie / - die Kohle / - das Öl / - das Feuer / - der Rauch / - der Schmutz