climate - das Klima

Gap-fill exercise

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Beispielsätze für KLIMA

He saw a group of horsemen riding to the north.
St. Augustine, a hundred and fifty miles to the south.
Perhaps in the spring, I will have plenty of money.
Are you cold, Nickleby?
He began complaining of the weather.
And the cold came, with much snow on the ground, an no man knew the way.
The ladies asked him anxiously whether he felt the heat of the room; and one
offered him a smelling-bottle.
One sunny afternoon in the autumn of the year 1861 a soldier lay by the side of the road in western Virginia.
The rain continued the whole evening without intermission.
The sun is set; and in his latest beams, Yon little cloud of ashen gray and gold, Slowly upon the amber air unrolled, the falling mantle of the Prophet seems.
I now laid down a series of plans with Charley for being in the fresh air all day long.
The wind had changed.
Alice thought there must be a thunderstorm coming along.

Climate - das Klima

- der Norden / - der Süden / - der Osten / - der Westen / - der Frühling / - der Sommer / - der Herbst / - der Winter / - das Wetter / - kalt / - der Schnee / - die Hitze / - sonnig / - der Regen / - die Wolke / - die Luft / - der Wind / – das Gewitter /