Present Progressive:

Aktiv: I am painting, You are painting, He is painting, We are painting, you are painting, they are painting (Ich male gerade, du malst gerade, er malt...)

Passiv: I am being painted, you are being painted, he is being painted, we are being painted, you are being painted, they are being painted (Ich werde gerade gemalt, du wirst gerade gemalt...)

THE PRESENT PROGRESSIVE CAN BE EXPLAINED FAST. If something goes on directly at the moment of speaking (e.g. that a dog is barking in the garden now) , you have to use this tense.

Compare this:

Custom: (I paint pictures) Ich male Bilder Simple Present

"Now"-Present: - Don't disturb me! I'm painting a picture (Stör mich nicht! Ich male gerade ein Bild!) Present Progressive

Laws of Nature: Dogs bark (Hunde bellen) Simple Present

"Now"-Present: The dog is barking in the garden Present Progressive

You need to know the following signal words, as in most cases they require the Present Progressive Tense.

Today - heute

Now - jetzt

At this moment - im Moment

Just - gerade

Look! - sieh mal! Ein Mann...

There! - Da vorne! Eine Frau...

Hurry! - Schnell! Ein Bus kommt...