Sonderformen If-Clauses

Gap-fill exercise

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Sonderformen: If-Teil mit will/would

If mit Future I + Future I

»I you,« said Elinor, »if you to bed.« (leave / go)

if you me leave, I the wine myself.« (give / drink)

If away quite yet, I s myself soon.« (not go / be)

»I to you if you me,« I said. (come / let)

if you him away I another goat.« (take / stand)

if you ; I .« (will not / will)

»if you me the distance to Fort Edward, and conduct me thither, your labour s without its reward.« (tell / not go)

»The doctor is not at home, but if you your name, I him know as soon as he comes.« (leave / let)

»I s only too glad to consider myself engaged, if you me. (be / allow)

If mit Future I + Simple Present

If you the apparent conceit of the remark from a retired physician,« replied Dr. Leete, with a smile, »we no poor doctors. (overlook / have)

It your own fault if you us be. (be / not let)

You m you down in my chair on the hearthstone, if you .« (may sit / will)

»If you my Advice, there not a Man in the Kingdom can do your Business better than the Barber who was with you last Night. (take / be)

If mit Future I + Conditional I

If you with me to keep the ghosts off, I s really to visit the place this afternoon.« (go / like)

Conditional I + Conditional I

»Yes, (said Katteriena) if you s see the lovely Murderer of your Repose, your Wound anew.« (see / bleed)

If you s me to go to Japan, I believe I s it.« (advise / do)

»If you s wakeful to-night, Mr. West, you m interested in looking over this story by Berrian. (be / be)

What you to answer for, if you s me to frailty? (have / provoke)

If you s such Doctrine in Spain or Italy, they you into the Inquisition. (preach / put)

If you s on your faith here in England, and I on mine, mine the hotter side of the faggot.« (insist / be)

If you s us, I am afraid you your Money. (trust / lose)

If the weather s to be cool, I s to taking you both, as you are neither of you large.« (happen / not object)

Conditional I + Simple Present

If any thing s to me, I to you, Major Duncan, to care for an old soldier's character.« (happen / trust)

Bless us, if you s a Vagarie and a rash Resolution on your Wedding Night, to die a Maid. (take / make)

If you s me for anything, some kind of flag on the mainmast. (want / hoist)

If you s near Barnard Castle, there good ale at the King's Head. (go / be)

If you s that Mr. Haredale is engaged just now, him – can he remember a message, landlord?« (find / tell)

If you s ever again, don't him for the world, but beat him down and set your shoe upon him. (quarrel / spare)

»If you s to find anything else of this sort, or to pick up any kind of information you may think I would like to have, it here, will you, my good fellow?« (happen / bring)

If an accident s to me, he nothing to show.« (happen / have)

If mit Conditional I + Future I

I must have it both in Latin and English; so if you s me another Latin one, you at least the best of these two, and send a translation of it.« ...
(not give / choose)

If you s doubts,
I them on your person! (have / clear)

If you s reason to conclude it genuine, it a kindness to the owner, a blind person,142 to recommend it to the booksellers. I am, Sir, your most humble servant. (find / be)

Well, if you s that, Mr. Tattle, you a world to answer for, remember I wash my Hands of it, I'm thoroughly Innocent. (do / have)

If you s ever occasion for a preface, I beg you me hear from you, in reply. (have / let)

»Sister, if you s never that bonnet again till I'm dead and gone, you I showed it you this day.« (see / remember)