If Clause Typ III (alle Varianten)

Gap-fill exercise

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Typ III – unmögliche Bedingung

Past Perfect + Conditional II (would have / should have / could have / might have)

If I direct cause, I him my example. (see / show)

If I it walking up the street in front of me it to me that I could be in any personal way interested in it. (see / not occur)

If I him, and let him know that I knew him, I s some advantage of him. (see / make)

I m Notice of, if with the same Eyes then, that I saw with now. (see / take)

I s scarcely you, my love, if I you anywhere else, I declare! (see / know)

If I a moderately large wave come tumbling in, I to my heels. (see / take)

If I her, first, at the board, I that her figure had got thin. (see / fancy)

Blinking over a little desk like a pulpit-desk, in the curve of the horse-shoe, was an old gentleman, whom, if I him in an aviary, I s certainly for an owl, but who, I learned, was the presiding judge. (see / take)

If I an Ape taking command of a Man, I s hardly it a more degrading spectacle. (see / think)

If I him first, I s certainly him. (see / prefer)

If I a Ghost, I s in the very same Manner, and done just as he did. (see / look)

If I you on a Saturday, or a Tuesday, or any day, I s clean all about it, and say the very thing I should not.« (see / forget)

And if I as many kings or archbishops I c more delighted. (see / not be)

Past Perfect + Conditional I (would / could / should / might)

If I the sight, he assured me, I it as long as I lived.
(see / forget)

if I her sixty times, or am destined to see her sixty thousand, it , and will be, precisely the same. (see / be)

Past Perfect + Past Perfect

if I occasion, I to reprint a few of these details of legal proceedings, from certain old newspapers. (see / resolve)